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Golden gear Sewing Machine Co.,Ltd

handle operated chainstitch embroidery sewing machine GY10-4

Laundry & Cleaning Appliances
handle operated chainstitch embroidery sewing machine GY10-4


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Laundry & Cleaning Appliances  -  Sewing Machine

Offer Post Time: 2013-04-03

Serial Code:

Model: GY10-4


Carriage: NINGBO


Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 USD

This machine is different from the lengthwise/crosswise sewing feed in conventional machines,as it is provide with a universal feed mechanism for all directions which can be simply operated by manual control,freely embroidering any desired pattern or design. Suitable for: Linens, Towels, Bedspreads, Shirts, Shop coats, Curtains, Athletic uniforms, Banners, Emblems, Blankets, Dresses, Millinery and Souvenir hats,etc.
Model GY10-4: Three kinds of stitches (chain stitch & moss stitch & taping).